#RPGaDay2022 – Day 11: Where 2?

The question for #RPGaDay2022 for its 11th day veers sharply away from the fragile reality of memories to the contemplation of the fantastic. If you could live in an RPG setting, where would it be? This question can, and perhaps should, be addressed as purely a fun exercise, but I have to admit it is rewarding to see people framing their responses in the context of knowing full well how awful many of our fantasy worlds might be to live in.

Those responses that can push through that to find a positive message are even more rewarding.

(Of course, this question, despite its oddity, still ties into the overall theme, if you think about it)

If they build it, will you go? As old and retired you, or as young and naive you?

I considered several ways to respond to this question, such as living in the setting as my character or living in the setting as myself and opted for the latter. The result of that decision was surprising to realize and so, I pass it on to you. Did your thoughts take you down a similar path?

No Country for Aging Men

If I were to be transported to live out my days in an RPG setting as myself, I find it hard to see myself as a contributing member to the technologically advanced SF settings I enjoy. If I were able to be a part of a starfaring civilization I would want to be a starfarer, not someone who stays planetside and appreciates it vicariously. I can do that now.

Laughingly then, I find myself considering earlier centuries than our own so that I can maximize the effect of what I know and can do, while still enjoying the thrill of the exercise of living in a fictional world.

To that end, I find myself considering life in Triple Ace Games ‘All for One: Regime Diabolique’, FGU’s Flashing Blades, or Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s ‘Solomon Kane’. Life would be nasty, brutish, and short – for sure – but on the other hand, I could do Zhu Pingman one better and find my dragon. Life would be interesting if all of my skills were in demand, useful, practical, and important. Of course, there would be sacrifices too, but let’s gloss over chamber pots and disease, shall we?


On the other hand, there is the world of Ghostbusters to consider….

2 Responses to “#RPGaDay2022 – Day 11: Where 2?”
  1. Thinking Traveller for the anti aging drugs lol

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