The Nibiru RPG by Araukana Media

After a successful Kickstarter, Araukana Media produced an RPG of discovery set on a massive space station filled with curious creatures, disturbing dangers, and missing memories. Drawing on mixtures of real-world culture and evocative fiction, held together by a strong visual glue of compelling and consistent imagery, this slim but full-to-bursting RPG was given the (sadly spam and nut attracting) name of Nibiru.

As a small project among many for the RPG Learning group (forced by the death of G+ onto Facebook, I took a 3-part journey through the book, talking about some of its features, posing some questions, and in general looking to start a conversation about the game. A second phase to the process is when a discussion gains enough traction to move on to play.

If you are curious, the playlist of videos is below. The game can be procured from the usual places, such as DriveThru and directly from Araukana. If you are a fan of dice, you will certainly want to consider the custom cuneiform D4s the company offers – in copper.

Copper, Cuneiform

3 Responses to “The Nibiru RPG by Araukana Media”
  1. Thorn Plutonius says:

    It is a shame that most of their bundles and some individual items are sold out. It looks like a very interesting game. I hope that my local game store can order it. Thank you for calling attention to it.

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