Now what? 

“Now what?” you ask.

“Gaming as usual,” I answer.

A recurring theme in conversation with gamers with jobs and dependents is scheduling games and how hard it can be. Momentum is challenging to build and more challenging to maintain. To regain it when lost can seem daunting.

In my gaming, work and family obligations have put a serious crimp in scheduling since July. This is starting to straighten out now. All of my gaming, in Hangouts for Mythras Mythic Britain and Luther Arkwright , on Facebook for Ubiquity-powered Highlander, in Google Spaces for Leagues of Gothic Horror, and live for Star Wars and playtesting have taken a serious hit. 

Star Wars and The Gathering resume this week. I am not out of the woods of extra work, but games are important to me and contribute fuel to the fires of enjoyment for other things in life. RPGaDay helped a lot as a restorative too, and although it took a lot of time,  it gave back much more in benefits than it took. Now that it is over, I am raring to use the freed up time to game.

The Gothic Horror game will be next. I get to play in that one and it is shaping up to be cool. If fate is kind, I may get to join a Desolation campaign as well! 

The hard one to restart is the Hangouts game. My schedule is about to change significantly and that means changing days. That is often hard to handle, but I hope that we can sort it out. That group is hugely important to me and they have been very patient as I wrestled with all the shifts and surprises this year.

Long-term plans (but getting shorter every day) are for BrigadeCon. Occurring on October 29, it is a fixed date for which I must make time because on so many levels it is important to me. I intend to run 2 games, All for One blurred with Leagues of Gothic Horror, and Lords of Gossamer and Shadow. It remains to be seen if I will do any panels or interviews this time. Doing two interviews for November’s Aethercon may be all that I have time for. 

A person cannot do everything, but they must do something.

In a real sense, gaming can be a desire which all too often can wind up being left unfulfilled. The act of will and coordination can seem more effort than it is worth, especially if circumstances or other resistance persists. 

Gaming, and the friendship which arises from it are worth it, however. Ways to game can be found.

So, despite the fear of sudden problems I will be trying once more to get games back in motion this week. One session at a time.

How about you? 

5 Responses to “Now what? ”
  1. Murderbunny says:

    “The Gothic Horror game […] is shaping up to be cool.”

    I’m glad to hear that. 😉

  2. Two things. First it is good to not be able to game as much as you want, you would burn out if you did – but then we rarely get to game anywhere near as much as we want so I cannot imagine that to be an issue. Second, your video’s have inspired me to pick up Fantasy Flight’s Star Wars EoE, and I will be hijacking a D&D group of friends to play it for a while, so thanks for all you do.

    • Runeslinger says:

      Glad to hear you are getting some benefit from my channel. Edge of the Empire can be a lot of fun (we are still playing).

      Thanks for taking the time to comment~

  3. sameoldji says:

    What about me you ask?

    Well we discussed it many times over chat and I shared my struggle over youtube as well way too often; soon it’ll be almost a year since I touched the dices, we tried together 6 months agon but it failed. I feel the fire within me but I’m afraid, sometimes I feel like I’m really far away from it all, I’m sure I’ll get back to it someday but for some reason my lifestyle seems incompatible with it nowadays. It’s a strange feeling to be torn apart between to sides of yourself: the social part and the intimate gaming part, for me they don’t play well with one another.

    I think I will definitly start talking about a journey back to gaming; something like a quest toward walking again for someone who’ve suffered a car crash or something. It seems like a step by step process where one needs to get back in motion by raising his interest and passion level to the point where it becomes a need to play…I always have been a big proponent of “creating time” and always hated the “I dont have time” excuse, right now creating time is as hard as alchemy to me almost like being able to bring a thought in the material realm as a process of distillation…possible butngod damn hard!

    See you around!

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