#RPGaDay Day 12: Next Game?

Today’s #RPGaDay Question:

What game is your group most likely to play next? Why that game?

This question is always a leap of faith, I find. Who knows until it actually hits the table what will be next, or when it will actually start? I suppose some people know, but as I am moved so often by the spirit of ‘what happens happens’ in my gaming, I find that unless i play a lot of games during the same period, a lot of games I would like to play get put on hold for ages.

Yes, Blue Planet, I hear you sighing. It’s almost as loud as the complaining from Torchbearer.

The games discussed most often as possible ‘next games’ in our face-to-face group have been few. One-shot opportunities have been for a few more, most notably Ghostbusters and Leagues of Gothic Horror, each time Halloween rolls around.

The ones that I think are seriously on the table are Shadowrun 5th Edition, Warhammer 3rd Edition, and Call of Cthulhu. Two of us are praying for ATime of War. The burning question is, do we end our Star Wars campaign, merely put it on the back-burner, or add a new game to the cycle? I hate that burning question.

The group likes fantasy and cyberpunk, but while none of us have any real exposure to Warhammer, quite a few of us are quite familiar with Shadowrun. As that decreases the learning curve, that game seems to come out in the lead. Of course, because nothing is ever easy, people are also curious about how the narrative dice from Star Wars were first conceived of and used so that leads us back toward Warhammer.

If we were to play Shadowrun it would be to allow for mission-oriented play in a classic setting. The play style suits our current scheduling difficulties with 2 new babies having been born these past few months, and allows for a more easily mixed and matched roster of active characters.

If we were to play Warhammer, it would be to launch another full-featured campaign, but this time with no one really knowing what is out there to be explored and expunged. The spirits seem willing, but I suspect the flesh is weak.

As a result, IF there is a new game, I am betting on Shadowrun…. or something random… just because. 

Dark Streets, maybe~



Tomorrow’s Question:

What makes a successful campaign?

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