#RPGaDay Day 13: Successful Campaign

Today’s #RPGaDay Question:

What makes a successful campaign?

We should get a considerable variety of responses today, considering how elastic the term ‘campaign’ has become down through the years. Regardless of one’s personal definition, those responses should prove to be quite interesting. 

We all measure success differently, I feel. Knowing what reasonable expectations are, how to meet them, and how your expectations of success measure up with your group and your peers are valuable perspectives to have.


For me, a campaign is not a story arc, but an open-ended agreement to play in a specific way in a specific setting. To be successful, it requires stability, commitment, and enjoyment of all the creativity and imagination which goes into building, exploring, and maintaining it.
A successful campaign requires a bond between its players which ties them in some way to the things which have happened, are about to happen, should and should not have happened, and which might happen some day.


Tomorrow’s Question:

Who from people you used to game with would you recruit for a dream team of players?

Speak your piece~

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