#RPGaDay Day 11: Gaming Mentor

Today’s #RPGaDay Question:

Which gamer of your acquaintance has had the most significant effect on your gaming?


Other than the people who first shared the game with me, and set me on my first path in gaming, the person I know who has had the most significant effect on my gaming would have to be the late Tom Savage.

This is not a story of someone taking a wayward gamer aside and showing them the true way. This is a story of a brilliant and fair-minded individual offering a challenge and a promise to me that games could be better. He asked the right questions, and got me to ask questions. When he liked and when he didn’t like where my answers took me, he would listen, ask questions, and offer support. There have been times, when it was the support that mattered the most.

Tom’s games were deep, well-planned before they started, free when in play, and fun.

It is his model that I have been trying to follow ever since.


Tomorrow’s Question:

What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?



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