Mythic Britain: Summer Blood and Winter Snow

Today marked the final session of character development, and the first session of actual play for our Mythic Britain campaign. It is a bit ridiculous that this campaign, slated to start in September has not seen play until November, but life is not always kind. Due to recurring scheduling conflicts which will continue into the … Continue reading

Riddle Me Steel

I moved to Korea a long time ago and in the early days of my time here, it was not as easy to keep up with developments in RPGs as it has since become. One of the games that I missed when it was new, and in fact did not even hear about until it … Continue reading

Navigating the Empire, part 2 ~ Space Combat

This is the second in a new series of posts about the specific mechanics of the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. For those who prefer to watch or listen to YouTube videos instead of reading, you can find a similar post on my Channel. There is an overview of the mechanics and approaches to … Continue reading

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