Saturday Seed ~ 92 (Rapture)

This week’s seed is for Rapture, and is intended to support a session focused on the fear of the unknown in one’s fellows while in claustrophobic and perilous conditions. The seed The PCs learn of a curious occult find in the lower reaches of a terraforming complex on the South polar cap of a desolate world. … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 91 (Desolation)

This week’s seed is for Desolation, and is built around the idea of the growing paranoia and caution of survivors in a shattered wasteland that seems to be looking to destroy them too. The seed The PCs come across a healthy baby in the middle of nowhere. Planting the seed This is appropriate for any … Continue reading

Shadowscast – episode 4

This episode touches on three topics. First, I discuss gaming from the point of view of one layer of immersion: genre fidelity. Second, we examine the possibility of really meshing tactical and roleplaying elements in a single game. Finally, I share some quick tips for running a campaign as a Play-By-e-Mail game.  Specific games which get mentioned are All for One: … Continue reading

Taming of the Geek: Social Contracts for Gaming

I was among the generation of gamers who got a lot of flak from parents about playing D&D. In fact, it was flat-out forbidden – which of course, only limited where I could play, not if. Unlike most of those I have met over the years who had to covertly enjoy roleplaying games, my parents … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 90 (Trinity)

This week’s seed is for Trinity, the third A in White Wolf’s retired Adventure!/Aberrant/Trinity game line, if you know what I mean. This is a very short idea, but if slipped into a journey in the right way, can really rock your players back on their heels. The Seed While underway through the Asteroid Belt … Continue reading

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