Saturday Seed – 9 (Call of Cthulhu)

The seed this week is a dark and curious one, for Call of Cthulhu: A reclusive, and reportedly cruel magnate of the steel industry has passed away at the age of 99. There are minor problems with the will, in particular the curious instructions left for the dispensation of a variety of rare and presumably … Continue reading

PBeM Report 7 ~ Long Winter Shadows – A Single Step

The Kobold Lair (continued) (Based as before on notes taken by Player the first and revised by the GM and his near-eidetic memory) This is a recounting of, what to my recollection, is the first great encounter of my young life as a wandering practitioner of the mystical arts. Please forgive the ramblings of an … Continue reading

The Goals of an RPG, or the R.P.G’s of gaming

If it’s not fun, don’t play. -One-Eyed Man I imagine we all agree with the preceding statement unless we have issues with masochism or other self-interest eschewing disorders. That said, I have been coming across repeated statements ‘out there’ that the purpose of the GM in an RPG, and by extension an RPG’s ultimate goal, … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 8 (Serenity)

This seed is being planted for Serenity. If your group of characters is shipless, or otherwise does not engage in much world hopping, please disregard this entry, it will be of no gorram use to you and yours,了解? The Seed: “It’s getting so’s a fella can’t tell who’s who anymore!” Theme: misdirection, lies, deceit, dishonesty, … Continue reading

Premature Imagination

If one spends any time at all reading RPG fora, I think one comes away with the sense that like spies, roleplayers, when discussing systems and mechanics, can often be, “a bunch of bitchy little girls.” Admit it. You know that it’s true. It goes without saying that some systems are inherently flawed, incomplete, unwieldy, … Continue reading

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