Saturday Seed ~ 51 (Serenity)

This week’s seed is for the Serenity RPG, and gives the players an opportunity to explore just how far they will go to make money. This seed does not require a ship, nor does it require very experienced characters. Planting the Seed: Rumor has it that a few months ago, an extremely valuable artifact was … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 36 (Serenity)

This week’s Seed is being planted for Serenity. If nothing else, I hope it gets people to take a look at the episodes again. Was there ever a better show and cast? This is a small seed, a mere bit of pollen, perhaps, but with proper care, feeding, creativity, and active players, it has the … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 11 (Aces & Eights)

This is another small, small seed for Aces & Eights. There is something magical about westerns, isn’t there? It could also work very well with Serenity, or perhaps even a fantasy game, but I see six-guns when I think of it…  The choice, as always, is yours. Today’s seed is a bit different than the … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 8 (Serenity)

This seed is being planted for Serenity. If your group of characters is shipless, or otherwise does not engage in much world hopping, please disregard this entry, it will be of no gorram use to you and yours,了解? The Seed: “It’s getting so’s a fella can’t tell who’s who anymore!” Theme: misdirection, lies, deceit, dishonesty, … Continue reading

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