OSR or OGRe?

Old Dog on the prowl As those with any familiarity with this blog will know I have been focused pretty heavily on running games with the Ubiquity roleplaying system for almost two years now. One interesting side effect of that which I noticed this week was that other systems are starting to look awfully slow … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 100 (Randomized!)

This week’s seed is the 100th I have shared on the Casting Shadows blog. When I started putting these story seeds forward, it never occurred to me that this particular series of posts would run so long. I have put up ideas of varying length and complexity over the past 100 weeks for games like … Continue reading

Changing Courses: Most Influential Scenarios

If we are all the sum of our predilections as filtered through our experiences then I suppose it stands to reason that the early modules and scenarios we ran as kids just starting out in the hobby have played a significant role in the GMs we are today. With that idea in mind, let’s explore … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 94 (Shadowrun)

This week’s seed is for Shadowrun, and it focuses on the healthy paranoia of runners. The seed PCs lacking in the paranoid perception department will find themselves fighting for their lives in a devastated building brought down by a very slick crew. Planting the seed This seed is appropriate for an established campaign and cast … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 87 (Shadowrun)

This week’s seed is for Shadowrun. It is incredibly small, but could roam anywhere between amusing and deadly dangerous depending on how you set it up, and the sort of character you use as the target.   The Seed A Sorcerer of some accomplishment has been devoting himself to obtaining a higher grade of Initiation, … Continue reading

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