Saturday Seed ~ 169 (Shadowrun)

This seed is being presented in response to my recent weeks of jetting about the globe and my gradual progress through the fifth edition of Shadowrun. This seed has no special requirements for any particular edition, but may be more fulfilling in editions where penetration of the facility would be required for success.

The seed
The runners are hired to take control of the security systems at their local airport under a great deal of time pressure.

Planting the seed
The runners may be selected as potential hires for this job if they have expertise in stealthy co-opting of established systems and/or a reputation for inflitrating very secure locations without detection. This is not a job likely to fall to runners without established credibility and a history of success.

The details
Mr. Johnson wants a group to handle a complicated multi-part run, co-ordinating with a second team, without leaving a trace. If things go wrong, Mr. Johnson stresses that a false goal for the intrusion must be seen as the reason for the run. Should the real goal be exposed, the runners can expect a strong, negative response.

The Goal
The target is a systems designer traveling with a small entourage of employees and one body guard. The objective of the run is to separate the designer from the rest of his group without raising suspicions, or involving the real security personnel of the airport. Ideally, the target will be cut from the pack of travellers through the AR system of the airport and the other members kept occupied with routine tasks. Once separated, the designer will be directed into the hands of an extraction team put in place already by Mr. Johnson.

Phase One
The runners need to determine how to co-opt the normal systems of the airport in order to accomplish their task and guide the designer into the hands of the extraction team.

This will entail being able to identify each member of the entourage and run a believable con via the airport AR that isolates them from the other arriving passengers in a natural way.

Phase Two
Enact the infiltration to enable the run

Phase Three
Co-ordinate the run with the extraction team for the hand off.

The extraction team is a three-person security detail which will be receiving a number of sensitive, high-priority packages of various sizes for transport to a facility downtown. They will need to be guided to cross-paths with the target, and have their way off the site guarded physically and online.

Phase Four
All traces of the tampering must be covered up and a false trail indicating the designer left the airport alone in a rented car are to be planted.

What’s going on
Results are required and Mr. Johnson is prepared to pay well if they are delivered. Creativity with the framework of the plan is expected providing the end result is the capture of the designer with none the wiser.

The wrinkle in the scenario as pitched by Mr. Johnson is that the designer is unexpectedly travelling with his 8 year old daughter.


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