Fantastic locations & the fantastic things that happen there

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival, hosted by Keith J. Davies, covers the topic ‘Fantastic Locations’ and as I tend to run games set in one way or another in a version of the real world – my current games notwithstanding – I was left wondering if I would be able to participate. After a little thought, … Continue reading

December 2011 RPG Blog Carnival Round Up

The December RPG Blog Carnival for 2011 was on the theme Heroes – Living and Dead, and drew a solid range of posts from the technical through the speculative and on into the introspective. Each in their own way is well worth a read, and I suspect that as different heroes speak to different people among … Continue reading

In the footsteps of giants~ (RPG Blog Carnival – 12-2011)

This will be my final entry for the December 2011 RPG Blog Carnival. This post fills out the trio of posts I wished to contribute on the theme during this carnival: namely the potential hero in each character, the GM’s role in calling heroes to action, and the value of incorporating heroes both living and … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 82 (Palladium Fantasy)

This week’s seed is for Palladium Fantasy, but is easily transplanted to other gardens, of course. This seed is geared toward a new group of fledgling adventurers and in keeping with this month’s RPG Blog Carnival, deals with a call to heroism. Hopefully, the forthcoming GM’s Kit for this grand old game will be released … Continue reading

Calls to Harms… (RPG Blog Carnival – 12-2011)

As we start the second full week of December’s RPG Blog Carnival, discussions about the entries from last week, particularly ‘Honeymoon Adventure’ have led me in this direction: The care and feeding of heroes without fudging or molly-coddling If a hero is someone who is willing to answer a call to action, and is perhaps … Continue reading

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