Hollow Earth Expedition Contest

A few months ago, Exile Game Studio celebrated their anniversary by giving away copies of their flagship game, Hollow Earth Expedition. I would like to follow suit (albeit in a far less dramatic fashion) by running a small contest to celebrate the anniversary of discovering their great game system – Ubiquity. Like any good contest … Continue reading

Exile Game Studios Spills the Beans on Mars!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Foreign Correspondent Gets Scoop of the Century! Coming soon to a Kickstarter Activity Feed near you is a long-anticipated project from Exile Game Studio that promises to reveal a whole new world of adventure. According to Jeff Combos, the Great Nazi-Smashing, T-Rex of the Galaxy himself, the project should … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 143 (Hollow Earth Expedition)

This week’s seed is for Hollow Earth Expedition in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Exile Game Studio.  As the company made the core rule book available for free on Valentine’s Day as a part of passing this milestone, this seed will be pitched somewhat toward starting characters in a one-shot, introductory session. My Saturday … Continue reading

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