Hollow Earth Expedition Contest

A few months ago, Exile Game Studio celebrated their anniversary by giving away copies of their flagship game, Hollow Earth Expedition. I would like to follow suit (albeit in a far less dramatic fashion) by running a small contest to celebrate the anniversary of discovering their great game system – Ubiquity.

Like any good contest there will be prizes.

Watch the video for this contest on YouTube: A Contest from Casting Shadows~

The Contest

The contest itself is simple. Design and send me a HEX character worthy of sharing. Really get into who and what they are. Get into the spirit of the genre and the game. Give us a character to get excited about.


Provide an evocative write-up of the character along with their stats and then post the character below in the comments section.

The submission deadline is October 13th, 2013. Qualifying entries will be collected and shared for reader voting in a follow-up post by October 19th. The winners will be revealed on Halloween.

The Prizes

First prize will be a new Hollow Earth Expedition GM Screen and a set of Ubiquity Dice

Second prize will be a set of Ubiquity Dice and a kind word

Third prize will be a set of Ubiquity Dice

Winners will be contacted through the address they leave when posting their submission in the comments. If a winner cannot be contacted by Halloween, they will be presumed lost in the Hollow Earth and their prize will go to the next contestant in line~


11 Responses to “Hollow Earth Expedition Contest”
  1. I accept your challenge! Check your inbox!

  2. John Clayton says:

    I’ll be all over this on Monday. Reckon I know just the character…

  3. First draft of my entry is done. I took the liberty of doing some page layout à la HEX, plus an illustration for the concept (lucky you). I’ll do a correction pass tomorrow and maybe some more…

    I’ll be sending the final entry at the beginning of the week.

    It look promising from my side. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

  4. Runeslinger says:

    We have narrowed the field of entries down to three finalists. The results will be announced on the 31st~

  5. Aren’t HEX GM screens out of print? I’ve checked a dozen places online and they’re all sold out. How can I get one?

    • Runeslinger says:

      They are indeed out of print, for now at least. I am unsure when Exile will do another. Their Revelations of Mars kickstarter project is coming up to its fulfillment stage so a lot of new material, including the Explorer size 6×9 version of HEX is being stockpiled now for spring delivery. A Revelations of Mars screen and new dice are among the new products coming.

      The original screen appears from time to time on the internet, but finding one now would be more luck than skill. Hope you find one~

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