Saturday Seed ~ 189 (Call of Cthulhu)

This is a seed for Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium, now ostensibly in the final stretch of preparation before the eventual release of the game’s 7th and most greatly changed edition. The seed This seed focuses on cult activity and is suitable for both established and new groups. This can be planted for a slow … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 184 (Call of Cthulhu)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for any 20th century or later era of Call of Cthulhu. The seed This seed supposes that Investigators are real people, have families and friends (or remnants of them), and celebrate holidays. During a traditional gathering such as Thanksgiving or New Years, something wicked comes to dinner. Planting the … Continue reading


I have just returned from my first actual vacation since the summer of 2006… and that one was more like trading my day job for doing one of my hobbies full time. Perhaps it has been even longer since I have really taken time away from everything and just focused on relaxation and seeing the … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 168 (Call of Cthulhu)

For those like me who backed the 7th Edition of Call of Cthulhu out of love of the grand old game, and faith in the playtesters’ reports that not too much damage had been done to it in the slightly spurious quest to ‘update it for modern players,’ the past day has likely been spent … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 163 (Call of Cthulhu)

This Saturday Seed is being planted for Call of Cthulhu in anticipation of the fresh surge of horrors the new edition may spawn in players everywhere.  My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll on random Saturdays~ The seed The seed is built around the idea of private investigator, and assumes that those it comes to affect … Continue reading

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