Marvel’s and Whedon’s Avengers… again

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron has now been released in Korea, and I was lucky enough, thanks to a surprise by my cool wife, to see it for its first showing this morning – opening day. Unexpectedly for an early morning show on a weekday, the theatre was packed. Understandably, the audience loved the sequences … Continue reading

Iron Man 3: The IC, OoC Divide

Last night, my wife took me out to see the midnight showing of Iron Man 3 which opened here yesterday. She’s cool like that. We enjoyed it, even though we didn’t get back home ’til 3am and we both have to work today, but that enjoyment was at times hard-won. This blog post should contain … Continue reading

Marvel’s and Whedon’s Avengers

NO SPOILERS – I have just gotten home from the theatre where my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers. Liking Whedon’s past work,and being very pleased with the movie incarnations of Iron Man, Thor,  and Captain America, I felt before going that there was a good chance that the movie continuity for these heroes … Continue reading

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