#RPGaDay2020 – Day 21: Dramatic

Day 21 of #RPGaDay2020 has arrived unexpectedly. This year the prompts seem to be flying by very quickly, and the end of the event seems close enough to reach out and touch. The prompt that our use of the map infographic has delivered to us today is ‘dramatic’ and it provides a good excuse to … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2020 – Day 20: Comfort

The numerical prompt for #RPGaDay2020 on Day 20 is Investigation. I found this to be a very satisfying one which our different route provided by the map version of the infographic allowed us to reach on Day 17. While I was enjoying that prompt, many others were exploring the word ‘comfort’. Today, for our Day … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2020 – Day 19: Meet

We are 19 prompts into #RPGaDay2020 and for much of that time we have been on a detour through the rooms and halls which frame the map infographic. This format has proven to be much more fun that I hoped it would be when I suggested it. Our detour today brings us to yesterday’s prompt … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2020 Day 18: Tower

It will be hard to top the personal enjoyment I got from yesterday’s prompt, but for today’s #RPGaDay2020 entry we do get to elevate the situation with the prompt ‘tower.’ You might have seen other responses today and you might have noticed that they are responding to a different prompt for Day 18. Most answers … Continue reading

#RPGaDay2020 – Day 17: Investigate

As my chosen method for responding to #RPGaDay2020 has been to couch all the responses as part of a session of Ghostbusters, you could say the prompt that we have reached today in our 17th post (while we are in Area 20) has had an influence on the whole endeavor. As you can see on … Continue reading

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