#RPGaDay2021 – August 1 to 31

Sunday, August 1st marks the start of the 8th annual RPGaDay event which serves as an excuse to explore our gaming and share only the good things about it. The event is structured through a daily challenge where prompts are used to inspire some form of social media response that works for you, via whatever platform(s) suit your interests. Each response you make or share from someone else should be tagged with #RPGaDay2021 so that others can find it and appreciate it, too. For more details check out this year’s advance-preparation posts here and at Dave Chapman’s Autocratik blog.

Useful Tools


This year we have received translations of the English prompts into Portuguese, French, Polish, German, and Spanish. They are available on the RPGaDay Facebook page in an album called 2021 Translations. They are also available on Dave’s blog: Here

Daily Graphic

David produced individual graphics for each and every day of the event to make social media responses that much easier to produce and make obvious. They are available on the RPGaDay Facebook Page in an album called #RPGaDay2021.

Roll or Select Prompts

The week days each have four options to choose from. The large word is the suggested prompt but there are three others that you can choose from instead and two ways to approach it. One way would be to let fate decide and to roll a die easily divisible by 4, such as a very cool D16 or a thematically-appropriate D8 for our 8th year of conducting RPGaDay, and responding to that randomly-determined prompt. Alternately, you could simply choose a word from the list. As you look over the days of prompts, I trust you will see themes among the options.

Good Luck and Share Freely

Whether you go for all 31 days, all the days you can manage, or a select few days, I hope that you have fun, keep positivity in mind, look around at what others are posting, and share not just what you post, but what you find as well.

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  1. […] find it and appreciate it, too. For more details check out this year’s advance-preparation posts here and at Dave […]

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