#RPGaDay2019 Day 10: Focus

One of the benefits of this year’s approach to the #RPGaDay event is the freedom to choose a perspective from among the parts of speech a given prompt might have, not just the selection of one of its possible meanings.

Today’s prompt, our tenth in the series of thirty-one, is focus. This sharp word offers quite a number of meanings but ‘focus’ also gives us the chance to look at it via the lens of action by treating it as a verb, or to shift to a more descriptive perspective by gazing upon it as a noun. From person to person and game to game ‘focus’ can be pulled into different responses that give readers a glimpse of the world through other eyes.

My two-minute video for today mainly takes focus as a verb, as I imagine many others will. Our games and groups have shifting points of focus, and we, as individuals, can find ourselves focusing on the shifts, blurring those who do the focusing, and why~

Speak your piece~

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