#RPGaDay 2017: Day 17

Question 17 for August 17th for #RPGaDay is trying to make a discreet inquiry into which of the games we have on our shelves or in our digital archives, but have yet to play. Which among them has waited for us the longest, but remained unused. Imagine the sadness and sense of abandonment… it is almost palpable, isn’t it? I am usually pretty good about getting games to the table, but there are a few which have slipped through the cracks and I hear them crying in the darkness sometimes when they think everyone is asleep.

The video for today will look at three games which match the question with varying degrees of accuracy (none of them being Blue Planet, although it does get a mention).

This blog post will just look at one: ’45 Psychobilly Retropocalypse. I have chosen it because it is the most accurate one in terms of answering the question, although the answer most firmly in the spirit of the question is revealed in the video.

Psychobilly Retropocalypse was released in 2006 and re-released in 2010, and I got it some time between those dates. It is a slender book of just over 100 pages, but it does all the right things to set the chaotic and helter-skelter mood of it’s over-the-top subject matter of hot rods, hot girls, smoldering punk + rockabilly (psychobilly).

It has swagger, it has suggestive art, it has a fairly quick and serviceable system for the lurid danger and bravado expected of its charaters, and yet – despite all of this, it remains on my shelf, pining.

Over the years when I was doing weekly story seeds on this blog for a variety of systems, Psychobilly Retropocalypse got a few such treatments. I will add them below out of a sense of fidelity so that the game knows that I haven’t forgotten it; it’s still on my dance card~

Saturday Seed 31

Saturday Seed 33

Saturday Seed 45

Saturday Seed 68

Saturday Seed 164

Saturday Seed 180

Question 18: Which RPG have you played the most in your life?



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