#RPGaDay 2017: Day 18

Question 18 for August 18th’s dose of the daily event #RPGaDay for the Year of Our Gaming, 43 (Old Gameless Calendar, 2017) asks us to declare which game we have played the longest. It does not have to be contiguous, but what ultimately has ended up being the game with more hours of actual gaming associated with it?

I have some uncertainty on this question, and no specific game I can cite, but I can pin it down to two different systems. I play so many games at the same time, and come back to them so often, there is plenty of cause for inaccurate tracking. I should start using RPG Geek to handle such questions.

D100 vs Storyteller

It is either the venerable and awesome D100/BRP/RQ/Mythras lineage of games, or it is the Storyteller 1st through Revised lineage of games which I have played the most, and many iterations of each for years at a time, all together.


For D100 it is a question of meshing so well with Call of Cthulhu (and later Stormbringer) and finding a great deal of logic in the system (first BRP then Mythras) which fit neatly with how I like to conceive of game ideas.

For Storyteller it was mostly the setting material which grabbed my interest, and the different approach to writing and presenting games. The great wave of people clamoring to get into campaigns and try out the endless releases of main games and subgames which threatened shelving units across the globe kept me busy for almost a decade running Storyteller games of every description almost to exclusion until my ideas for sessions finally began to wane a decade or more later.

Question 19: Which RPG has the best writing?

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