Saturday Seed ~ 180 (Psychobilly Retropocalypse)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for .45 Psychobilly Retropocalypse. Chalk your dice, tune your engines and guitars, and let’s go!

The seed
A mutant hottie from the hills has a way to conquer the world on greaser at a time, but has plans to pick up the pace~

Planting the seed
This seed is best run as a one-off, with characters who either  like to pile their hair high and keep it in place with Dapper Dick’s Authentic Pomade (now with Fly Repellent!), or who keep it in place with practice.

The King of Rock and Hair

Missing, presumed rockin’

The details

Diana Cantrell has been attracting suitors since she was knee-high to a grasshopper, but this is not enough for her anymore. She not only wants the boys lining up along her street with their supe’d up battle wagons and Sunday Best, she wants them to do her bidding.

Her wish is coming true.

After shacking up with an unlikely, 300lb sugar daddy known in the trade as Dapper Dick, she has walked away with a few bad memories and the secret formula for his Authentic Pomade (Now with Fresh Minty Scent!). To this concoction she has added her own secret – her mutant power over men!  

Sales of Dapper Dick’s Authentic Pomade (Now with Vitamin B!) ‘improved’ with Diana’s euphemistically labelled ‘love oils’ have been capturing the hearts and minds of the shattered nation’s hard workin’, drivin’, drinkin’, n rockin’ young men with fashion sense and good hair in droves, and pulling them inexorably into her orbit.

With the ranks of healthy, subservient men now swelling the population of her tiny community, Diana is ready to start her crusade against everything she hates right now.

Starting with YOU!

What is going on

As a teen with a penchant for rolling around in hay lofts, Diana discovered that after being exposed to her special secretions during her amorous adventures, men were completely subservient to her. Her mother claimed this was nothing special, because all men are dogs, but later confirmed that they become puppies in Diana’s case.  The early seed to conquer the world was planted in a tiny kitchen with fading linoleum and the strong scent of pine cleanser. 

Diana is a lovely, but ill-informed and fickle young woman who wants to be the Queen with a million Kings. She wants to kick the invaders back where they came from, kill all the ugly muties, legislate good Friday nights, and require licenses for tight pants (privilege, not a right!). She will not stop until she gets her way!

Characters will find themselves pulled into her crushing aura of command once they have used the pomade and need to decide to serve on top, or break free, or will discover the threat in high heels and have to repel her army of quiffed invaders!


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