#RPGaDay Day 2: Best Session

Today’s Question:

What is the best session you have had this past year? (Since August 2015)

This is really not an easy question for me to answer. I have been lucky enough to have kept up a good rotation of games with some really interesting players in a variety of formats. How can you choose?

For me, in the end I decided to go for the session which required the most of me to run, and expected the most from the players to survive, while taxing the characters morally and emotionally. That ended up being a major session in our ongoing Edge of the Empire campaign.

Imagine if you will, a small freighter and its crew trying to present a delaying action to distract and harass a flotilla of Star Destroyers. Backed up by a second ship, either enemy of their enemy or actual ally, they risked their lives for those of others trying to escape in a far slower, and far less maneuverable ship. Over and under the tensions of combat in space, the tragedy of a love broken by betrayal and murder played out between the Captain of the freighter and the Commander of the flotilla. In the background, on the planet below, a rebellion versus the Empire was about to boil over…

Even if the freighter escapes, they know they have to come right back.

Their work is not finished here.


Tomorrow’s Question:

What is the character moment you are most proud of?

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