The Gathering ~ Week 4

This week, the fourth and final week of player preparation saw a flurry of questions and activity on our shared Facebook group as character creation went into its final stages before I could begin to look at what had been created as a whole.

Of the 20 people engaged in the group, half submitted complete characters, a few more submitted mostly complete characters, and a few joined late and submitted concepts before the deadline.

People are still discovering the posts about the campaign and asking to join so as we go into Week 5, I may be able to take on more submissions unless they clash too strongly with what has already been established, or require too much time to develop for inclusion before the game launches for everyone.

Week 5 is a bit of a misnomer, I suppose. We are now in Week 1 of my character review and specific preparation to provide the links and starting points which will spark whatever drama and challenge arises during play.

This week will culminate in the creation of the private In-character groups, and the first GM posts to set the stage for the start of the campaign in earnest.

I can feel the Quickening~

2 Responses to “The Gathering ~ Week 4”
  1. Carl says:

    Will you travel to planet Zeist? I kid,please, why do I even remember that?

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