The Gathering – Week 1

The first week of preparation for the pending global campaign of immortals contesting for The Prize has gone very well. We have formed a closed group on Facebook for the planning period, and it is seeing good activity. We have a good-sized pool of potential players to draw from, some experienced with games that use Ubiquity and some not. Character Generation guidelines have been posted, and folks are sharing inspirational material such as songs, literature, and poetry.

The Gathering is drawing near. It is 1984. It could be this year…or the next.

Our game starts in 3 weeks. The time between now and the launch of the campaign is for further recruitment, character creation and review, orientation for new players, and the firm establishment of expectations.

Although I am taking the lead in the campaign, the guidelines for using Ubiquity to run this sort of campaign are open to suggestion and revision from participants. Likewise, aides will be recruited from the pool of players to help the campaign take on the sort of depth and responsiveness that the group deserves.

The week ahead, the second, will see the first orientations for newcomers to the system, and the first reviews of created characters.

There have been some questions about how the campaign will be conducted. In brief, the game will be run as detailed below.

Method of play:
Each immortal character will have their own secret Facebook group, and the connection between the Immortals and their players will be kept secret. As the nature of the Gathering will grow more contentious as it draws near, to keep the experience unclouded by fears of unpleasant character vs character combat, this method will obscure when an opponent or ally is an NPC or a player.

The Immortal layer of play will be Play by post, entirely within the Facebook groups.

At regular points in the campaign’s run, roughly every 2 to 3 weeks, players will release eye-witness interview videos in accordance with a style guide to add depth, mystery, and shape to the campaign. These witnesses are mortal bystanders, police officers and forensic scientists and the like, caught up in the Game. From these videos, players will get a sense of the larger world around them, perceive a glimmer of what is happening to other Immortals, and sense the growing speed of The Gathering.

At the end of the run, the full story will be told and released to everyone to read and watch.

This is the time of The Gathering, but no one knows more than that. No one knows where it will be, yet, nor who is left to fight for the Prize.

There are is still room available in the campaign for interested players. I can be reached in the comments here, or on Facebook.

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  1. Let me play!!!


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