#RPGaday2015 – Day 8: Favorite RPG Media Reference

Good day, and welcome to Day 8. Today’s RPGaday question surprisingly gets one answer from me, but it is a two-pronged one in the key of punk. While I imagine many of the responses to this question will touch on E.T. or Big Bang Theory and Wil Wheaton in some way, I am hoping that there will be a lot of unusual responses that might be more up my alley… an alley that glows in the dark.




Long, long ago I was lucky enough to have my own late night radio show with a decent amount of listeners, and a hunger for music outside the mainstream. The show was the Opera House, and mine was the voice which spoke from far beneath it, in the catacombs and passageways, dictating the music to be played, and who would play it.

Being in Canada, and being long ago, this awesome power was checked by the 30% Canadian Content rule, which while constricting at times, did mean that I got to explore a lot of bands I might never have heard of as they appeared briefly, then disappeared into the cold Northern nights or off the grey coasts of our Atlantic shores. Some of these intrepid experimenters survived the harshness of the road, and have stayed with me for all these years. One such, produced two singular references to RPGs on a huge album during my transition period from D&D to everything else – Call of Cthulhu in particular at that time. Oddly enough, one song was an ode to D&D, while the other was a paean to the Mythos as seen in RPGs~

The band was the Dayglo Abortions, the album was Here Today, Guano Tomorrow, and my favorite RPG media references are Dragons, and Spawn of Yog Sothoth. Enjoy~

What are yours?


Speak your piece~

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