#RPGaday2015 – Day 9: Property for RPG development

RPGaday 2015’s Day 9, no not that Day9,  brings us to an area where I am most looking forward to seeing the responses of others. Who knows what cool things we are about to share and mutually discover? Today’s question is What media property would you most like to see developed as an RPG?

Most have my primary inspirations as a young gamer have seen game adaptations, but one that came along later in my life – to the best of my knowledge – has not been. I often wonder why. I sometimes wonder if I would be up to the challenge of doing so. I have wondered if anyone is.



One of my favorite authors, who manages to leap from genre to genre and retain my interest, is L.E. Modesitt Jr. I first encountered his writing in a standalone novel called the Hammer of Darkness, which led me a few years later to the Ecolitan series and the Forever Hero series, and from there in two different directions, the vast body of work which grew out of the Magic of Recluce fantasy series, and the compelling questions which were posed in the much shorter Ghosts of Columbia speculative fiction series. A stunning number of other novels, some in pairs, some alone have kept me company between the releases of the ongoing series, ranging in type from Hard SF, historical, intrigue, and back to fantasy. I primarily think of a Modesitt as an SF writer, but his work on Recluce stands as one of the better works in the fantasy genre from my perspective.

If I have a favorite book, it may be his standalone Adiamante; SF, fast-paced, and full of questions that need to be asked. The Eternity Artifact is one of my favorite SF books. Gravity Dreams or Hammer of Darkness find themselves out and being read by me practically yearly. I really can go on and on about the author’s books; however, none of this is answering the RPGaday question.

For development as an RPG, while I think any of the SF books would be grand to adapt, the series I would go with for this question would be Recluce. The world is immense, populated by varied peoples, cultures, economies, ecologies, and forces beyond casual understanding. As the series is so extensive, and the author so prolific with a careful and considered approach to world-building, much of this has been explored and shown in interaction from multiple points of view. Perspective is a tool you may not be able to see the same way again after reading a few of the novels.

It is ideal to develop into the sort of living, breathing foundation for the collaborative play which is an RPG. All the material is there, all that is lacking is the game~

How about you?


Speak your piece~

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