December RPG Blog Carnival – Heroes Living & Dead

In many if not most RPGs, the characters are called upon in one way or another to be heroes. They may not all be heroes we can look up to, or even recognize at first glance as being heroes, but – in the heat of the moment if nothing else – heroes they are. From the Anti-Hero to the Not-a-Hero, to the Reluctant Hero and on to the Zealous Hero the protagonists of our tales have many guises and myriad motivations. It is time for we, their chroniclers, to cast aside the veil of myth and folklore and look deep at what makes these characters who and what they are. If nothing else, let us share tales of the great heroes we have seen blaze trails across our tables opening vistas of imagination and exultation wherever the Story took them.

For the month of December, the RPG Blog Carnival will be pitching its tents and putting up its rides under the banner of Casting Shadows, with the idea of exploring our favorite heroes, what it takes to make a hero, what inspires a hero, what breaks a hero, and what we can do to meld these ideas with our stories and campaigns so that they can take us from the first faltering steps toward bravery to the final ride into the sunset, with Avalon beyond~

Some for Bonnie Tyler

The RPG Blog Carnival is a group effort wherein bloggers from across the spectrum of RPG Blogs and RPG players post on one topic during the course of a month, with the host site compiling all of the contributions into one easily accessed list. Multiple submissions on each monthly topic are encouraged, as is placing links to supporting and/or opposing views within your own.

To participate, simply write an entry on this month’s theme – Heroes, Living and Dead – and then leave a comment about your post with a link in the comments section below. Leaving links on WordPress blogs is simple. Just use the following bit of html:

<a href=”your post’s url”>Your Post’s Title</a>

If you have any questions take a look at any of the past carnivals for examples, or contact me directly. The Archive of the RPG Blog Carnival is maintained by Nevermet Press.

I am looking forward to what great tales, insights, inspirations, and vulnerabilities we will be sharing this month. On to the Carnival~!

27 Responses to “December RPG Blog Carnival – Heroes Living & Dead”
  1. thorynn says:

    Skyland Games contribution to this month:

  2. Runeslinger says:

    My own initial entry on an aspect of Heroes and Heroism can be found here, entitled We could be heroes…

  3. burnedfx says:

    Hey Runeslinger, my contribution is based on two “hero” npcs that were created in the current campaign I am running. It’s entitled, “Honeymoon Adventure.”

    Thanks for giving me a reason to write that all up!

    • Runeslinger says:

      Fantastic – and for this line in particular – today, I count you as a hero, Burnedfx:

      Fantasy or not, sometimes heroes are forged, because you need the world to make sense.

      Thanks for participating, the combination of nostalgia, insight, and practical advice you have put together for us put a smile on my face as I read this on my way to the Pits of the Sla… I mean work.

      • burnedfx says:


        Thanks for the kind words. As I said in the article, I really do appreciate that you gave me an excuse to share these two NPCs, since I am normally writing about the players.

        In a weird way, you influenced what the focus was, since I started writing it and then stopped to see if I had the right idea. Originally your post and my post had the same theme in the opening paragraph, which forced me to rethink the way I approached the subject.

  4. Runeslinger says:

    Excellent news~ Roles,Dice & Fun is back!
    I am really looking forward to reading your contribution!

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