Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2: Scenario

The second Battletech Lunchtime Challenge is a very specific kind of scenario of survival and evasion on the one hand, and harassment and evasion on the other. It pits one large, heavily-armed and armored, slow-moving opponent, against two lightly outfitted, much faster aggressors.

The scenario is set in 3028.

The Defender:

The defender will be controlling a remnant of a shattered Lyran lance, trying to work its way back to the extraction point. During hostilities, the pilot got separated from the rest of the lance, and has been fighting terrain, ridiculous orders, and poor intel to try to get back in one piece.

To survive, the defender will need to get their mech from one end of the game board to the other, representing the last desperate dash from hostile territory to territory patrolled by friendly forces.

Mech and Pilot:
  • Atlas AS7-D –  Gunnery 4   Piloting 4
  • Pre-Existing Battle Damage:   5LL 7RL  2 RT  4CT 8LT  5LTr  H2
  • Remaining Ammo:   AC20  1 shot,  SRM6  4 shots,  LRM20  2 shots

The Attacker:

The attacker will be controlling a fragment of a Free Worlds League recon unit, involved in an operation trying to prevent Lyran forces from gaining a foothold. During hostilities, the lance had been caught in a crossfire between two Lyran lances, composed of Heavy and Assault mechs, but inexplicably the forces split up and began moving off in opposite directions, both away from the primary objectives to be found in this region. Not believing their luck, the lance opted to follow and harass the weaker of the two lances, hoping to goad them toward more Marik forces. This was successful, however, job done, the two surviving light mechs from the scout unit, stumbled across another Assault mech, this time on its own, beating a hasty retreat from the lines of battle.

It is close to its own lines, but there is hope for one more opportunity to strike one more telling blow for the FWL…

To win, the attacker will need to prevent the enemy mech from crossing from one end of the game board to the other.

Mechs and Pilots:
  • Jenner JR7-D        –  Gunnery 3   Piloting 5
  • Pre-Existing Battle Damage:    2LT 2LL 2RA
  • Remaining Ammo:   SRM4   14 shots
  • Hermes Her-1A    –  Gunnery 3  Piloting 5
  • Pre-Existing Battle Damage:    2CT 2LL 2RL 2RT
Victory Conditions:
  • Defender Escapes off the far end of the map    Game
  • Attacker Prevents the Escape                                Game
  • Defender destroys Attacking mechs                   5 points each
  • Attacker reduces MPs of Defender                       1 point per MP
  • Attacker scores a critical hit                                   1 point per crit
10-1D6 Turns after the engagement begins, reinforcements will arrive. The units and faction will be determined by an additional roll of 1D6:
  1. Marik Clint and Commando
  2. Lyran Quickdraw
  3. Marik Clint
  4. Lyran Grasshopper
  5. Marik Clint and Commando
  6. Marik Enforcer, Vindicator, Dervish


7 Responses to “Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2: Scenario”
  1. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    What an awesome scenario – sign me up!

  2. Sounds like a challenging game. Good luck.

  3. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    I think I would like to choose the defending side.

    • Runeslinger says:

      Excellent. You Sir, are the pilot of an Atlas.

      I will post the first clip later today. If you do not have access to the map I use, post your reply with the type of movement (Stand, Crawl, Walk, Run, Sprint, Hurried, Evasion), the number of Hexes you wish to travel, and the direction. If you do not have the map, and the Hex reference numbers are unclear, just indicate which side your mech will be facing with a 1-6 notation, where 1 is the top of the hex (facing in the direction the Atlas must go to escape) and 2 is to its right, etc.

      I think most people will have their C-Bills on the Atlas. Anyone up for the challenge of being the Attacker?

  4. GIllbertto Mussolini says:

    As a shock to noone, I would like the Atlas to start in hex 0117 and book it (Run) straight towards the end of the map.

    • Runeslinger says:

      Your wish is my command~
      I wish you all the best on your escape attempt, but do hope you understand that from this point on I am actively trying to kill you.

      I will post the next move later today.

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