Battletech Introductory Box Set Unboxing 1

I ordered the 25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set with some misgivings due to conflicting reports on quality and contents. Despite these concerns, the price was right, and so I decided to order from FRP Games – quite simply the easiest means of getting international game orders in my rarely humble opinion.

They threw me a free bone!

It Arrived!

The box arrived today, with some extra things I ordered for my other gaming needs such as a few more sets of Ubiquity Dice, Sand Timers and Style Chips. They even tossed in a free gift: Lucky me~!

Grand Revelation

During a quick run home for lunch, I filmed the opening of the Big Box o’ Battletech. I did not have time to upload it as eating and walking the dog were important parts of lunch, but I will put the file up on Youtube in a few hours a few hours later: Here.

So many memories to make new

Stay Tuned~!
4 Responses to “Battletech Introductory Box Set Unboxing 1”
  1. BF Wolfe says:

    uh huh. and the warhammer on the front had nothing to do with it. 🙂

    • Runeslinger says:

      You know what they say about the commercial value of sex and violence~

      The Warhammer is the best of both worlds. You just know that Warhammer jocks get laid twice as often as those of any other mech out there, and probably kill twice as many opponents… despite what your simulations claim as “the truth.”

  2. BF Wolfe says:

    My simulations made no predictions on the sex lives of mech jocks. 🙂

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