Battletech Box Set Unboxing 2

Predictably, opening The Battletech Introductory Box Set brought back a lot of memories from the first time I opened a Battletech box set well over 20 years ago. In those days the ‘mechs were cardstock stand-ups with plastic bases, and neither of the terms Project Pheonix, or Unseen were needed. Each set, Battletech, Citytech, and Aerotech gradually joined my collection as time went on… sometimes more than one copy. The last of these entered my collection about 17 years ago, more for nostaligia’s sake than need as we had long since moved on to more dramatic ways to stage our battles, with 3D terrain, and more lead than a forest full of pencils.

25th Anniversary Introductory Box Set

Ready to Play~!

This unboxing was just as satisfying as the first, although as I have mentioned before, I had some concerns about the quality and contents based on the experiences of others far closer to the source than I am currently. My ‘A Time of  War’ Campaign, expanding my local game group, and ultimately a good price at FRP Games gave me the little push I needed to go ahead and order the set this past weekend.

Unboxing Part 1

Wherein I open the box and we both discover what is inside together. Will things be smashed? Will parts be missing? Will it just not be as good as I hoped? Click the link and see for yourself~

Unboxing Part II

Wherein we take a closer look at the individual parts without all the hooplah of opening plastic shrink-wrap, plastic bags, and discovering thrilling white cardboard inserts.

Unboxing Part III

Wherein we look at just the maps and the mechs, and my dog steals the spotlight… but not off of the Warhammer which is Sir Mech not appearing in this film.

Overall, I find both my initial and considered reactions to be positive. The plastic mech miniatures exceed my low expectations by quite a wide margin, and the two high quality plastic miniatures are excellent. The maps are what I am used to, and prefer, but I understand the complaint that some others have had in regard to the maps glued to the back of each map board.

As I expect the Intro Set to establish the baseline rules and setting for the game, I do not consider the focus on the later eras of play to be a problem, leaving really only one possible complaint: the contents listed on the box are not exactly the contents contained in the box. Watch the video to find out what it is.

In conclusion

Am I satisfied?


See me put the set to good use here: The Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 

4 Responses to “Battletech Box Set Unboxing 2”
  1. Russ says:

    GAWD I want to get back into Battletech so badly! Had the third edition box set and played the metric crap ton out of it with friends. Right now I’m sitting on a jumbo pile of the Mechwarrior clix game; but I’d rather get back to hex maps, stat sheets and even chits (yeah I’m one of those cheapskates) and speccing my own armies.

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