Serial Setting 1: Ubiquity ~ Week 7

This serial setting for Ubiquity continues with the second of several major community focal points for the Windlet Islands.

This series of posts is intended to provide a usable setting for busy GMs looking to run Daring Tales of Adventureor Hollow Earth Expedition.

7. Nick’s Hair and Whiskers, Windlet Settlement, Greater Windlet Island

Although believed by most to be the most talented barber on the islands, and the best hand with a straight razor anywhere in the Pacific, more than one wry soul has made fun of the name of the shop owned by a middle-aged Greek man, living under the name of Nick, but possessing the name Marinos Kostopoulos.

The shop is open from 7am until 7pm, Monday through Saturday. “Nick” is there the whole time, except for 30 minutes he takes for lunch, at 2pm. Many on the island are known as hard workers. Nick is the person that the hard workers think is a hard worker. If there are no faces to shave, mustaches to trim, or heads of hair to cut, Nick is polishing mirrors, stropping razors, washing windows, sweeping and mopping the floors, oiling blades, lubricating the workings of his two barber chairs, or otherwise keeping his shop ship-shape.  His industrious labors are easily seen by all passers-by through the huge windows at the front of the shop – always open to catch the sun, and the breezes off the beach.

In the back of the shop are two private rooms. The first of these is the owner’s office. The second is a laundromat featuring hot water, locally made detergent, scrub-boards and drying racks, and the very latest development in washing machines from the Beatty Brothers of Canada. The back room at Nick’s also features a heavy wooden door behind which lies a narrow stone staircase which descends a full 15 feet down into a deeply-dug cellar lined with walls of rough, black, volcanic stone. The floor is highly polished stone of a lighter, nearly charcoal hue. In the center of this basement a large space has been set aside for three pools built into the floor and inlaid with beautiful green and gold tiles depicting the legend of Prometheus. The first pool contains cool water, which moves gently as it is pumped in and out. The second pool contains warm water and has a stronger, circulating flow. The last is hot and churns with the force of its circulation. On Saturdays, this treasure is open to customers on a first come first served basis, with up to 8 at a time allowed to make use of the facility for an hour. On weekdays, an extra fee will allow a single customer access to the ‘pool room’ below Nick’s for 30 minutes at a time. On Sunday, the room is closed as is the shop – often with Nick inside.

The building is always well-maintained against age and weather, and is located roughly halfway between the docks, the worker communities, and the headquarters of the company. Nick seems to enjoy meeting travelers and newcomers, but makes his living serving the local population. He is known by all as an excellent listener, a thought-provoking conversationalist, and a good man to go to for advice. He is seen as calm, logical, and insightful.

Usual Characters: Marinos ‘Nick’ Kostopoulos

Kostopoulos is a plain, but healthy man with a full head of luxurious hair, tied back in a simple braid, and an adeptly trimmed beard. He seems impervious to the heat, but does like to dress in loose-fitting white linen shirts with the sleeves rolled up and clipped. His dark hair and eyes shine day or night, and his tan is one of a lifetime spent in the sun.  Most of his teeth have been replaced by gold, so he has a somewhat hesitant smile, but his eyes and warm voice project a true sense of friendliness and interest in others.

On his thick leather belt, he is always in possession of metal implements such as razors, trimming knives, scissors, and other tools of the trade. He is known to be an avid darts player and often has a set of darts tucked into his belt somewhere.

Nick’s son, a man recently turned 20 has recently left the island for a better education in Europe, leaving the barber to live alone above the shop.


Potentially heard anywhere on either island; even the bald come to Nick for a shave.

  • He is a very hard worker
  • He studied his craft in the army first, then trained further in Paris
  • He has cut the hair of many famous people, including at least one king.
  • The American Treasury Department once took his advice after hearing him speak on the economy
  • He is deadly with a knife, and can hit a spider’s eye with a dart at 50 paces.
  • The Administrator and Nick talk philosophy and world history in the pool room on Sundays
  • Nick dislikes bald people and refers them to other barbers
  • Nick is allergic to walnuts


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