Saturday Seed 33 – (’45 Psychobilly Retropocalpyse)

I had intended to have this week’s seed be for Call of Cthulhu, but I need to blast away some of the cobwebs brought on by too much work, and the compelling clutch of Catalyst’s combat charts, so this week’s seed is instead being planted for ’45 Psychobilly Retropocalypse, while I let my media player search for Memphis in the sonic attacks of such worthies as the Gutter Demons, the Quakes, Brutally Frank, and the Matadors.

The Seed:

No one local admits to knowing that there is a missile silo under Roman’s Piano Factory, but someone is looking for it, and they are willing to kill.

Planting the seed:

A caravan of tour buses full of slick rockabillies and their groupies is making its way through your characters’ county, bringing a cavalcade of stars to the unwashed masses of the green-glowing hills of home. All the cool cats and kitties want to get up close and personal with the velvet-clad, creeper-wearin’ musicians before the tour leaves, taking all the cool with them. This can be an ongoing element for sessions leading up to the one you want to use for this seed. Rumors spread about screaming girls, mad men slappin’ bass, ultra hot guitar licks, and crazy antics – onstage and off.

As with all traveling shows, carnivals, and groups of mutated refugees, rumors also spread in the tour’s wake of an increase in robberies, pregnancies, and the general corruption of youth. Sales of pomade and pocket combs skyrocket, but that windfall for shopkeepers, goes unremarked.

Once the tour arrives in the characters’ town, or at least a town through which they are passing, it will be staying for three nights and three days; arriving late in the evening of the first night, and due to depart by noon of the last day.

Break-ins and strange shadows moving in the fields occur right from the go-cat-go of the first night, leading to fear in some, outrage in others, and a tightlipped, shotgun gripping vow to kill the trouble-makers if they ever come back in still more. Nothing is taken – except for a stolen kiss here and there, but property invasion in a near-martian scale is underway and who else can it be but those greasers on those damn buses!

Bombs Away

Most of the town knows that somewhere in the hills and valleys of the county there are missile silos, and that some of them may still have birds nesting within. No one except the very old, and/or the very local would really have an idea where these are. One such silo, missile intact, is located beneath Jerr’ Lee Roman’s Piano Factory; a sprawling, ramshackle, family operation that produces fine juke-joint pianos that can truly take a beating.

The entrance to the silo is secreted in a disused root cellar not far from the main house, shielded from the road behind the large hay barn.

The details

It is actually the fault of some of the pompadour persuasion, but of course, everyone has an alibi, and the manager – a true motor-mouth powerhouse of Kilmeisterian proportions – lets nothing stand in the way of ticket sales and the flow of rock and roll.

The culprits are a band of Russian Rockabilly infiltrators and they are going for the ultimate meltdown by rackin up a rocket to the top in the form of a stolen missile filled with the original rock’n roll: plutonium.

The suspects

There are ten bands on the tour, one of them is guilty… or are there more?

  • Gerry and the Gaylords – A 5 piece group with a red velvet theme and great bass
  • Clark Kent and his Supermen* – A trio with Kent on vocals and guitar
  • Tyrone Power and the Razor’s Edge – a dark-inflected, minor key, girl-magnet trio
  • Enola Gay and the Bad Day over Tokyo – Sexy singer backed by invisible men
  • Fido and the Bonefinders – Student uniforms and dog collars, backed by mediocre beats
  • Randy and the Revelators – A former religious quartet, now big on booze, and broads
  • Carmine and the Golden Gloves – An ugly bunch of great dancers with killer rhythm
  • Shark and his Chum – A duo on upright bass and guitar, fast, loud, and scandalous
  • Tollgate Deathscene – 5-piece, full-bore, straight-ahead rock
  • Two-Bag Weasel and the Ditch Pigs – Lusty Southern rockabilly from a blistering quintet

*Thanks R.A.W

Questions to answer for yourself

±     How will the band steal the missile and/or its warhead?

±     What will they do with it?

±     How will they get away?

±     Which band is the group of villains, anyway?

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