Walking in Gumshoes ~ The End of the Road

Our Mutant City Blues campaign has not been declared dead, but the lack of an official pronouncement does not make it less so. Predictably, the game to a crashing halt the moment it was about to take off. There is nothing about Gumshoe or Mutant City Blues itself which contributed to this, so this post will not get … Continue reading

Review: Leagues of Adventure


Produced by Triple Ace Games and using Exile Game Studio’s Ubiquity System, Leagues of Adventure is a broad-shouldered yet elegant game set in the age of Victoria and the brave new world of Stream-that-never-was, opening new vistas, charting new courses, and shining light on forgotten places. It is consulting detectives, daring inventors, challengers of convention, firsts-to-do, culture-clashing, mind and … Continue reading

A Time of War: Overview

I had intended to write a single overview entry on or review of A Time of War – The Mechwarrior RPG, 4th Edition much earlier than this, but hopefully the added perspective will balance out the delay. It is hard to believe that it has been a year already. I have posted several times on … Continue reading

Review: Desolation

Produced by Gremalkin Games and using Exile Game Studio’s Ubiquity System, Desolation provides an interesting combination of elements which somehow manages to mix the clarity of a detailed setting with the open-ended freedom of a merely outlined setting. I found this approach to be both refreshing and liberating. While I rarely feel constrained by the limits on a … Continue reading

Review: All for One ~ Regime Diabolique

Produced by Triple Ace Games and using Exile Game Studio’s Ubiquity System, All for One: Regime Diabolique is a powerful force for sword-wielding, insult-tossing, chandelier-swinging, musket-firing, honor-defending, King-Crown-and-Country-saving, wench-wooing, dice-chucking fun. If you don’t believe me, call your seconds and we will settle this like fictional characters. You can be D’Artagnan, and I will be… … Continue reading

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