#RPGaday2015 – Day 15: Longest Campaign

The last few questions for RPGaday 2015 were rough. I am glad to see that Day 15 is steering us to more pleasant waters. Today’s question asks us about the longest campaign we have ever played. I favor campaign play myself, so this is a question that has my interest. I have a certain measure … Continue reading

#RPGaday2015 – Day 14: Favorite RPG Accessory

The question for Day 14 of RPGaday 2015 is asking what our favorite RPG accessory is. I can imagine that responses will cover a really great range of products from maps and miniatures to peculiar dice aids to high-tech tables, and beyond. For most of my time in gaming I have had one beloved accessory, … Continue reading

#RPGaday2015 – Day 13: Favorite Podcast

I honestly do not have an answer for Day 13’s question. Do not read on expecting some sort of surprise revelation or wit. There is no content of note in this post. Go read someone else’s post today, I have nothing for you. I will be back tomorrow. Honest~ I don’t habitually listen to podcasts … Continue reading

#RPGaday2015 – Day 12: Favorite RPG Illustration

Questions like today’s for RPGaday 2015 make me more aware that I tend toward the minimal in RPG art. While I appreciate an inspiring scene, a striking cover, or the technical drawings in the gear and bestiary sections, I tend to judge books by their written contents more than their covers or interior images.  They … Continue reading

#RPGaday2015 – Day 11: Favorite RPG Writer

RPGaday 2015’s Day 11 question is easier for me to answer. I have talked about it before in many venues, and I expect I will talk about it again and again as the years go by. Today’s question asks us to name our favorite RPG writer. While I suppose we could cause a commotion by trying … Continue reading

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