#RPGaday2015 – Day 13: Favorite Podcast

I honestly do not have an answer for Day 13’s question. Do not read on expecting some sort of surprise revelation or wit. There is no content of note in this post. Go read someone else’s post today, I have nothing for you. I will be back tomorrow. Honest~

I don’t habitually listen to podcasts of any type, let alone RPG podcasts, and so have never formed an attachment to any. Perhaps I spend too much time on blogs and vlogs. I have heard a few I steer clear of on purpose, and find the divisive or dismissive partisanship of a few others to be similarly off-putting, in either of its most common flavors: rabid, or veiled. I don’t have time for that sort of crap, but in general I would say my lack of answer today is because I simply do not have enough time to add following a podcast to the list of things I do.


This is definitely the entry with the highest opinion to lowest content ratio in my RPGaday series. Loads of opinion, no actual content.

In the positive spirit of the series, I will not now go on to slag those podcasts I think do more harm than good, or whose blithe condescension seems to mask a genuine dislike of fellow gamers. Having no positive ones to link to, however, I am left with nothing to do on Day 13 but to read the entries of others and see what makes the grade, ‘out there.’


Speak your piece~

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