Saturday Seed ~ 57 (Aces&Eights)

A confluence of calamity This week’s seed is for Aces&Eights. It can be used with any group of characters, connected or not, but presumes that they are making a lengthy trip by rail, through desolate territory. The seed Characters from all walks of life find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere on a train … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 48 (Aces & Eights)

This week’s seed is for Aces & Eights. I haven’t posted one for this incredible game for a while. I wrestled a bit with posting a seed for All for One, or Call of Cthulhu instead, but this week the trail-weary gunfighters beat the cocky sword slingers and doomed librarians. The Seed A small township, … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 41 (Aces & Eights)

This week’s seed is to be planted in the fertile soil of the Western Frontier brought so clearly to life by Aces & Eights. The Seed: Not all is what it seems among a group of settlers pushing West The characters come upon a wagon train near sunset which looks like it stopped quite early … Continue reading

Running Westerns

Despite the deep shadows cast by the placement of gothic buttresses in my very soul, I love the sun-baked elegance of classic westerns, and the dust-caked brutality of revival westerns.  Like many, I feel that the west is a rich source of material for long-term roleplay, and like some, I see no real need to stray far from real history … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 32 (Aces & Eights)

This week’s seed is being planted for Aces & Eights. I have been reading a lot of Deadlands recently, but given my druthers I like to keep the supernatural pretty far from the cattle, so although I do have a few ideas to share for the Weird West, I will not be sharing them today. The seed: A stampede … Continue reading

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