Saturday Seed ~ 95 (Brass & Steel)

This week’s seed is for the quietly great game world envisioned for Brass & Steel. It is suitable for an established group, or experienced characters that are lacking sufficient reason to work together. The Seed A former designer of arms and equipment for the government, now in supposed retirement on psychological grounds, may be up … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 72 (Brass & Steel)

In terms of televised entertainment I am a season behind those of you on the side of the Earth I consider to be normal, so I am just now running across the proliferation of steampunk references being used to spice up otherwise mundane programming. In belated deference to the accomplishment of getting the eyes of … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 67 (Brass&Steel)

This week’s seed is for Brass & Steel. Unlike the vast majority of the seeds I post, I have not had the chance to use this seed in actual practice, so it is not a tried and true idea stripped of its specific details and presented as a framework, it is just a framework of … Continue reading

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