Saturday Seed ~ 100 (Randomized!)

This week’s seed is the 100th I have shared on the Casting Shadows blog. When I started putting these story seeds forward, it never occurred to me that this particular series of posts would run so long. I have put up ideas of varying length and complexity over the past 100 weeks for games like … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 47 (Blue Planet)

This week’s seed is for the beloved but often neglected Blue Planet. This seed is very open-ended and part of its charm is its vagueness and potential to go unresolved forever. Some things in life, particularly life as defined by the awesome majesty of the inscrutable ocean, are better that way. The Seed Imagine a … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 15 (Blue Planet)

This seed is being dropped in the water and left to its own devices. Perhaps it will find a home on some Blue Planet. This seed is wind-blown and storm-swept, and in the usual vague way of these entries will aspire to inspire some sort of idea for your own game. When I first got Blue … Continue reading

The Shrieking Harridan called Technology

Ok, the title is a bit much, but today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday preceded by a whole week of Wednesdays; please bear with me. I like Science Fiction, and I have greatly enjoyed playing in games of Shadowrun and Trinity, and as I have mentioned elsewhere, I look forward to someday … Continue reading

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