Saturday Seed ~ 179 (Blue Planet)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for Blue Planet now released by FASA.

The seed
A research team and their transport crew have been exposed to a virulent and highly communicable virus. The effects of the infection seem to culminate in crazed and violent behavior before the victim collapses into fevers leading to death.

Planting the seed
This seed requires minimal set-up and can be run either as a disease scare, getting the characters and their loved ones out of harm’s way, or as an operation to track and deal with the infected crew.

The details

The infection was not noticed when they left their research station to report home for R&R and the usual stumping for grants.

The virus took several days to take hold in the crew due to its limited capacity for transmission at first, but once among the teeming population of a city, soon began to spread.

The media liken the victims to zombies, and police forces have been required to use lethal force to deal with the ravages of the infected. Panic is setting in and people be the score want to flee the area.

The city is being locked down, but resources are strained to the breaking point.

What is going on

The virus will spread quickly through the population for several days and may add different vectors to its communicability. It will begin with direct contact with body fluids (sweat, saliva, blood) and move on to being airborne. Infected people will work themselves up into a lather, grow violent, bite and claw people around them, and scratch themselves until they bleed. Their rampage will last a 4-8 hours then they will collapse and die during the next day. 

This infection will spread unless checked but after a 48 hour period, will stop. The virus will lapse into dormancy, evolving into something else.


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