Alternate Infographic for RPGaDay 2020

Last year, to help shake things up for the event, I proposed presenting the infographic for #RPGaDay as a hex map that might bring back good memories of hex crawling, playing BattleTech, or any of the other great uses gaming gives us for hex paper. That let us explore the prompts in linear order, use it as a drop table, or devise fun random methods to move through them. Dave liked the idea and the talented Will Brookes brought that idea to life.

This year, the hex motif has returned as our main means of presenting the prompts, and this time the color scheme really puts me in mind of the grand old world maps of yesteryear that inspired so many campaigns and homemade worlds. For extra fun, this year, Dave was good enough to agree to adding a second option to display the prompts: a good old-fashioned graph paper map! Dave was also on point in knowing who to go to to get a clever and engaging map produced in a way that is deeply representative of the heart of RPGaDay. He called on an old friend from days gone by with whom he has resumed gaming and they managed to realize my simple suggestion in fantastic fashion.

So, if you prefer, you can guide your responses to the prompts in an even more exploratory fashion than the standard graphic allows. Either way, August is close at hand and the fun of sharing and reading what others share is on its way!

Whichever option you choose, the event starts at midnight leading into August 1st in whatever time zone you call home and runs until the last stroke of midnight ending August 31st. Whether you post daily, weekly, all at once, or sporadically, tag your responses with #RPGaDay2020 so that others can easily find them now, and in the years ahead.

2 Responses to “Alternate Infographic for RPGaDay 2020”
  1. I love that so much.

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