#RPGaDay 2018 – Day 26 “Ambition”

Weekend 4: Effect & Effort  Prompt 26: Your gaming ambition for the next year

Today’s prompt for #RPGaDay2018 looks ahead at plans and aspirations we intend to bring to the table – if we can – in the next year. Like many questions this month, this is simple on the surface, but has depths worth exploring.

For instance, there are a lot of projects that I have on the go, all of which I would like to finish, but for that pesky ingredient of time. I would like to wrap up my study of The Riddle of Steel and its many derivatives and its influence on more well-known games. I would like to return to my Learning New Games series, and I would very much like to leap into the meat of my ‘Editions’ exploration, not to mention a series on the spread of games Powered by the Apocalypse. These are all things that I want to do, but like the many games I am currently playing, they are prevented only by time and scheduling, not challenges I want to test myself against.

Game Knight

The answer to the question, it turns out is to take on the challenge of starting, presenting, and completing the Great Pendragon Campaign for Pendragon, or  devising its like for Paladin and carrying it through to completion in play, an epic history of families, of vows, of fortunes rising and falling, and of the ceaseless sweep of time past all of us.

Getting that in motion is my ambition for the coming year. I wonder if I can make it happen…


We start Week 5 of #RPGaDay and move into the realm of “Share.” In this final week of the event, we will be asked to share the games of others that we appreciate, share stories of those who have influenced us, and so on. This final week is all about who we are.


As has been my habit since the second year of #RPGaDay, I am also keeping pace with the prompts on video. The content of the videos and the blog overlaps, but is not exactly the same, and where the greater emphasis on detail resides varies from day to day.


This is the ending of the fourth weekend of the fifth iteration of the monthly roleplaying gaming celebration launched by Autocratik for all forms of social media. Share your responses however you prefer to share. If you want to get involved, grab and share the infographic with the prompts and jump right in!

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