#RPGaDay 2018 – Day 25 “Impact”

Weekend 4: Effect & Effort  Prompt 25: A game that had an impact on you this year

Today’s prompt for #RPGaDay2018 can be looked at in a few different ways, notably because of its use of the very flexible word ‘game.’ We use it to refer to a published set of rules, we use it to refer to a type of play, we use it to describe what we do, we use it interchangeably with ‘session’, and perhaps more things as well. That can be rough on comprehension in a crowded room, but it is an advantage in a prompt.

For my response, I will be referring you to a set of videos about one particularly session of All for One: Regime Diabolique (Ubiquity Roleplaying System, Triple Ace Games), that occurred in the past year as a solo session. The session, “Margot,” run by YouTube’s JDRD30 was intense, meaningful, clever, witty, exciting, and it spoke to both me as a person and to my character. The session was played live and can be watched in its entirety as it happened. It was followed up by our usual commentary videos, and it sparked a ‘behind the scenes’ video fully annotated with rules and ‘what were they thinking?’ commentary.

I think it is fair to say that that session made an impact~

The Session

Recap and Reflections

The Commentary Version


We finish up the fourth weekend, and its look at games that matter. Sunday’s question looks ahead and asks us about our gaming ambitions for the coming year.


As has been my habit since the second year of #RPGaDay, I am also keeping pace with the prompts on video. The content of the videos and the blog overlaps, but is not exactly the same, and where the greater emphasis on detail resides varies from day to day.


This is the ending of the fourth week of the fifth iteration of the monthly roleplaying gaming celebration launched by Autocratik for all forms of social media. Share your responses however you prefer to share. If you want to get involved, grab and share the infographic with the prompts and jump right in!

Speak your piece~

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