#RPGaDay 2017: Day 4

Question Four asks us about our gaming habits over the past 12 calendar months. Since the last #RPGaDay, what game has your group played the most?

My gaming over the past year has had some periods of drought and some periods of flood. It has continued to be active in both the real world and online, in face-to-face games around a table, in PBeM, and in Hangouts. Multiple games have been played, some for the short-term and some ongoing.

Over the past three years, we have been engaged in running a Star Wars campaign with a local group. That continues to be a treasure, but sessions have grown alternately rarer and shorter with the arrival of two children, and the preparations of one member to return to their home country. As a result, this year, for the first time in that period, Star Wars is not the game that I find I have been playing the most.

Another surprise, this time a nice one, is that it turns out that the game I have played the most this years is a game that I get to participate in as a player, not the GM. I cannot remember the last time that was true so this year has a lot going for it. Amusingly, I note that I submitted my character sheet to the GM last August, meaning we have been playing for more than a full year without interruption.

What game is it? We have been playing by PBeM, with daily or more frequent posts, a campaign using Triple Ace Games’ Ubiquity-powered, ‘Leagues of Adventure’, using the Leagues of Gothic Horror setting. We play as Agents of the government’s secretive ‘Ministry of Unusual Affairs‘ investigating strange goings-on and the stranger people who cause them to take place. The game brings in elements of mystery, intrigue, sanity and horror, spiritual corruption, magic, and risky science, then ties them all together with layered investigations, character-driven roleplay, and moments of deadly violence.

It has been extremely satisfying~

Question Five closes our books and asks us to look upon the covers to share our thoughts on which of them best captures what we see as being the spirit of the game. I look forward to your responses tomorrow~

Speak your piece~

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