#RPGaDay 2017: Day 3

Question Three asks us how we learn about new RPGs, opening this topic up to methods, people, places, and online resources. If you have a game-related question, particularly about new developments, how do you get it answered?

As I live in Korea and tend to have very small circles of fellow gamers to speak with in person, the internet plays a huge role in how I keep up to date with new publishers, new writers, new systems, and so on. No single resource covers all the gaming territory I am interested in, but I have found a few things help me to keep as up to date as I want to be.

When I find a game line or publisher that I like, I make certain to check out their website – especially their forum if they have one – and make an account. I might lurk, or check in only occasionally, or I might become an active participant in conversation about the game or games produced by that company. I find this is the best way to be well-informed about specific games and companies. It doesn’t help me to expand my horizons, though.

To learn about new games and companies, I used to do exhaustive searches, but now I find I rely more on sites like DriveThruRPG (OneBookShelf) and the UnStore to do that. It’s slightly less time-consuming, and requires much less time to dream up new search terms.

Ultimately, my preferred means of learning about new games is to hear about them from friends, be that in person or via social media. While that happens much less often than in the gaming heyday of my youth, it has one huge advantage over my other methods: more often than not it can directly lead to a game being played~

Question Four is an actual play question and is sort of an #RPGaDay tradition. What is the game that you have played the most since the last run of #RPGaDay in August of 2016? In the past year, which of the multiple thousands of games currently available in print, pdf, and in used-condition via re-sellers, have you and your group spent the most time playing?

3 Responses to “#RPGaDay 2017: Day 3”
  1. Wow! Didn’t realize you were in Korea. I travel there occasionally; should try to get together if for no other reason than to swap gaming views (and maybe game?).

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