#RPGaDay starts August 1

In my part of the world, August 1 is tomorrow. For many of you it is still a little more than a day away. From your perspective, all of my responses will appear to be early. From mine, your posts will appear to be late. We will both be ‘right’ and both be ‘wrong’…from a certain point of view.

With the perspective of just a little time, about a day, that difference in time fades to insignificance and all that will remain is the perception of global participation in #RPGaDay. I suppose there is a life-lesson in there somewhere.

#RPGaDay starts ‘tomorrow.’ Whether we specialize in one game or sample many, whether we ‘just play’ or whether we experiment with ‘techniques’ to play a specific way, whether we have been gaming for decades or for days, we want to hear from you. Answers can be any length you like on any social media network you like. They can be on one game, a few games, or a plethora of games. They just need to be yours and about the things you love about RPGs.

“Tomorrow” is coming, and for RPGaDay it will keep coming for the next 31 days.

What will it bring and what will we share with it?


An easy way to view responses is to visit rpgaday.com. It seeks out posts marked with the #RPGaDay hashtag and collects them in one place.

Speak your piece~

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