#RPGaday2015 – Day 5: Most Recent RPG Purchase

Today’s RPGaday question asks us about the most recent game we have purchased. Last year, that question would have been hard to answer as a steady stream was flowing toward me through the postal system. This year, it is much, much easier.


The last game I bought was really an easy decision, and strongly motivated before I read it by the excellence I could expect it to have given its authorial team. The massive impact I knew it would have on my gaming after I read it made the anticipation for its official release all the more pervasive. This particular gaming purchase was a little unusual for me, as I was able to work through it in full as part of my work with Gamesmyths before it was released. You read that right. I was so thrilled by the game after I read it as an assignment, that I hotly anticipated its release so I could buy it. I have several different pre-release versions of it, a final version, and one that I wanted to rush out and buy.

“What game is that?” you ask.

“Well, I will tell you!” I reply~

The game in question, and the game which answers today’s question for me, is Luther Arkwright: Roleplaying Across the Parallels for RuneQuest 6th Edition by the Design Mechanism. It’s my pie and damn fine coffee.

This suite of new rules and possibilities for RuneQuest, the premise of the incorporated setting, and the expansive possibilities offered by the tools in the game do for SF what RQ itself does for fantasy – and with just as much coolness, poise, and style.


I have my eye on some other new games out there, and I have been eyeing one or two others lo these many moons, but this one – even though I technically already had it in my possession – is the one that I bought.

How about you?


Speak your piece~

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