#RPGaday2015 – Day 4: Most Surprising RPG

RPGaday, continues and today’s question asks us about the most surprising game of the year for us. This time, I feel a lot less ambiguity or need for caveats. This past year, there was a game that surprised me on many levels.


For a little more than a year now, I have been fortunate to have a face to face group to game with. I have really missed that. The game we chose to play was FFG’s Star Wars Edge of the Empire, and around this time last year we realized that we liked and were serious enough about it to add Age of Rebellion. I thought that the campaign might last a few months and then be replaced by something else. I didn’t think the game would fizzle out, but I could not be sure if it would be a good fit for the group.

The game ignited us. Of the five players, three have taken on GM duties to expand our campaign setting and provide alternate play groups should people need to be absent. They are all really good. Another has taken to running the game online for buddies back home. That is a very high success rate in my book for inspiring players not normally interested in being the GM to give it a try.

More surprising was how much I personally enjoy the elements of the system. The narrative dice, the use of item qualities, the strong focus on collaboration before, during, and after description for the whole group, and the stellar system devised for the Force all work together to continually surprise and entertain me far beyond any expectations I had when we started. Not only does the system easily guide you in creating that Star Wars feel, it supports in areas where virtually every other game out there places expectations on you.

It’s far from a perfect game, but its innovations, emphasis on collaboration, genre-fidelity, and its suitability for the group I am in, came as a very, very pleasant surprise.


How about you?


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