BrigadeCon Update: 2 weeks left!

At the time of writing, there are just twelve days until the online gaming convention under the inclusive name ‘BrigadeCon’ will open its virtual doors for the first time. As mentioned in previous posts, the convention has been organized for two purposes, promoting the fun and vitality of playing tabletop roleplaying games via services like Hangouts, and more importantly, raising funds for Child’s Play.

In preparation for the fun, the organizers and early registrants have already conducted a successful T-Shirt campaign via Booster to raise awareness and funds for Child’s Play, getting the con off to a good start. Our efforts just begin there, not end. A second campaign, this time on Teespring, is selling a broader range of shirt types and colors, again with all the proceeds going to Child’s Play.

Further efforts will take place during the convention itself, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to people recognizing the good work that Child’s Play does, and choosing to support it with donations.

To reward this right-thinking behavior above and beyond the satisfaction that comes from doing the right thing, event hosts will be offering actual prizes for those who pass through our virtual doors, random draws will take place, and other fun stuff. Prizes include signed copies of some of the hottest games in the hobby, free PDFs to other hot games, and other loot such as novels and dice. Imagine, just by attending the convention you could have a chance to win a signed copy of Hollow Earth Expedition, or one of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG corebooks, Edge of the Empire, or Age of Rebellion. You might find yourself gifted with the digital version of RuneQuest 6, or one of its amazing supplements. That is just scratching the surface of what is available. The list of sponsors is impressive and their contributions have been generous. You can look for yourself on the BrigadeCon home page.

Of course, the best rewards are the games. Greater diversity has opened up as GMs have registered to host events. Now, in addition to my offerings of Ubiquity and Star Wars, we have Metamorphosis Alpha, we have GURPS, we have Call of Cthulhu, we have the new version of the Firefly RPG by MWP, we have the Dresden Files, Corporation, Savage Worlds, Splicers, and more. Between games, you can check out our interviews with top designers, and participate in topical panels of great import to gamers everywhere.

BrigadeCon is coming; over 100 hours of action packed into a mere 24.

Have you booked your spot? Registration closes on November 8th.


One Response to “BrigadeCon Update: 2 weeks left!”
  1. Carl S says:

    Looking forward to it!

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